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How to review your Google Meet call on the Betafi platform
How to review your Google Meet call on the Betafi platform
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Once your Google Meet call is over, you can review it on Betafi at

When you log in to Betafi, you can find your recently completed calls under "Past Sessions" (highlighted below) on the Betafi dashboard.

To visit any of your old calls, you can go to Projects and then open the project that you used for recording the Google Meet call.

All calls where you used the Betafi extension will be available under “Completed Sessions” (highlighted in the screenshot below). You can also search for the call.

Once your call is over, Betafi will provide:

  • Recording and Transcript - You get the recording of your Google Meet along with your notes, ‘Aha’ moments, and tags. Betafi also provides the automatic transcript for your call in 30+ languages including Hindi, Hinglish, Mandarin, Spanish, French, Bahasa. Learn More

  • Translation - You can translate the transcript into over 100+ native languages like English, and more. Learn More

NOTE: You can edit/delete notes you took during the meeting. You can also manually add notes or create one directly from the transcript.

Identify and add key takeaways from your Google Meet calls

After conducting a few meetings, you can filter your notes by questions to compare the notes and identify the common pattern across conversations. Then add these emerging insights as a takeaway on Betafi.

As you see this insight being repeated in other sessions, you can add more notes/clips as evidence for the insight.

You can also share the takeaway with your team to gather feedback on the work-in-progress insights and then identify the most important ones for your final report.

Here’s how you can identify and add a takeaway:

  1. Arrange your notes by questions to spot emerging insights.

  2. Add these insights as “Takeaways” to start building your WIP report.

  3. Add notes or clips from different sessions as proof points to support each takeaway.

Share insights with your team and stakeholders in the voice of the customer

Make mini clips to share the key findings of your meetings

Create short video clips to share key insights. You can also embed the clips in Miro, Notion, FigJam, Slack, and 300+ other tools.

Export all your notes to Miro and FigJam

You can export all your notes captured during the Google Meet call to Miro or FigJam and easily group them into themes.

If love to use FigJam for brainstorming with your team, read this article to learn how to bring your notes/clips to your FigJam board.

You can also download them in CSV format (Spreadsheet) to carry on your post-call analysis there.

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