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Transcription on Betafi
Transcription on Betafi
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Automatic Transcription Feature on Betafi

Once your call is over, Betafi provides an automatic transcription of the call in 30+ languages like Hinglish, Bahasa, Spanish, and more. The transcript is timestamped and synced with your call recording, thus making it easy for you to revisit the call and dig out important insights.

Betafi also allows you to translate the transcript of your conversation. Learn more.

How to select the language for transcribing the session?

You can choose the language when you:

  1. Schedule a new session or

  2. While uploading a recording.

You can select the language from over 30+ options using the "Language for Communication" drop-down list.

Once the session is over, Betafi will auto-transcribe your conversation in the selected language.

NOTE: Betafi now supports 'Hinglish' transcription, so don't worry if your user switches between Hindi and English while interacting with you. We will be adding more such languages in the future.

We have added transcription support for new languages including Khmer (Cambodia), Ukrainian, Marathi, Bengali, Malayalam, and Kannada.

List of languages supported for transcription

Here’s a list of all the languages that Betafi currently supports for transcription:

  • Afrikaans (af-ZA)

  • Arabic , Gulf (ar-AE)

  • Arabic, Modern Standard (ar-SA)

  • Bengali

  • Chinese Mandarin - Mainland (zh-CN)

  • Chinese Mandarin - Taiwan(zh-TW)

  • Danish (da-DK)

  • Dutch (nl-NL)

  • English, Australian (en-AU)

  • English, British (en-GB)

  • English, Indian (en-IN)

  • English, Irish (en-IE)

  • English, New Zealand (en-NZ)

  • English, Scottish (en-AB)

  • English, South Africa (en-ZA)

  • English, US (en-US)

  • English, Welsh (en-WL)

  • German (de-DE)

  • German, Swiss (de-CH)

  • Hebrew (he-IL)

  • Hindi, Indian (hi-IN)

  • Hinglish (hi-IN, en-IN)

  • Indonesian (id-ID)

  • Italian (it-IT)

  • Japanese (ja-JP)

  • Kannada

  • Khmer (Cambodia)

  • Korean (ko-KR)

  • Malay (ms-MY)

  • Malayalam

  • Marathi

  • Portuguese (pt-PT)

  • Portuguese, Brazilian (pt-BR)

  • Russian (ru-RU)

  • Spanish (es-ES)

  • Spanish, US (es-US)

  • Tamil (ta-IN)

  • Telugu (te-IN)

  • Thai (th-TH)

  • Turkish (tr-TR)

  • Ukrainian

If you have any questions, please drop a message through the Feedback channel on Betafi or you can write to us also at [email protected].

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