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How to conduct usability tests on Betafi, bring the clips to FigJam
How to conduct usability tests on Betafi, bring the clips to FigJam
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You can test mobile and desktop-based prototypes as well as live websites using Betafi to uncover usability issues. And then clip videos of the user's struggles and import these mini-clips to FigJam.

Gathering usability feedback using Betafi

  1. Login to your Betafi account. (For the first-time user, please sign-up here)

  2. Create a Usability Test project, add your Figma prototype(s), and set up some usability scenarios and tasks. Learn more

  3. Invite your participant to a usability test session.

  4. During the session, share the prototype with the participant and capture usability feedback using timestamped notes and 1-click instant tags.

Once the usability test is over, you get a video recording synced with the usability tasks, transcript, notes, and usability analytics on Betafi. And you can clip the recording to make mini videos of important feedback and moments of the call.

Importing usability feedback to FigJam

After usability test studies are completed, you can use the Betafi plugin to import your notes and clips to FigJam. Then, review the usability feedback gathered using Betafi with your team in FigJam. Check out this article to learn more.

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