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Subscription Billing and Promotion Redemption
How do I subscribe to and manage a paid plan with Betafi?
How do I subscribe to and manage a paid plan with Betafi?
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You can manage your plans from the Billing Settings page in the Betafi Dashboard, here:

  1. On your Betafi Dashboard, go to your Profile (on the bottom left) --> Open Billing Settings

  2. You can decide which plan works best for your needs from the billing page.

  3. Click "Subscribe Now" to buy the plan of your choice.

    1. Plans are billed monthly or annually, so ensure you choose the right option here.

    2. You can also choose to buy additional licenses at this step.

  4. Then on the billing page, if you have a promotion code, you can enter that during checkout to redeem it.

  5. Enter your credit card details and click on Subscribe.

Who Gets Billed for a Usage within a given Betafi Workspace?

The Owner of the workspace is billed for all usage within that workspace.

NOTE: If your Finance/Operations team manages the billing, ensure that you make the team member responsible for managing the billing details the Workspace Owner, so they can easily add/remove contributors to the workspace and manage the billing information.

You can manage user roles from the corresponding workspace settings page, under Settings > Workspaces.

Each workspace can only have a single billing Owner, but you can assign multiple Admin users who otherwise have similar administrative permissions to the workspace owner with respect to managing the workspace (notably, the ability to invite new users and manage the workspace settings).

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