What happens when the feedback call is complete?
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After the session, Betafi helps you breeze through the feedback session real quick using your notes, automatic transcript, usability stats, and video recording to help identify the problem areas or moments of delight with your product.

To revisit your feedback call

  • Login here

  • Select your project and choose the session you want to view.

After the call you automatically get

  • Video Recording of the moderator and participant's video feed. You also get the participant's screen recording so you can easily review how they interacted with the prototype.

  • Transcript - The session is automatically transcribed into Hinglish, Bahasa, Spanish, and 30+ languages. You can also translate the call into 130+ languages.

  • Timestamped Notes - The notes taken during the session can be edited/deleted or added after the session is complete.

  • Usability Analytics - For usability studies, you will get metrics for task completion, time taken, and number of clicks during the session.

Betafi also makes it easy to share key insights with your team in Slack, Miro, FigJam, Notion, and hundreds of other tools.

  • Clips - Create mini video clips of the moments of user's struggle or joy. You can then share these clips over Slack, embed them in Notion, Miro, FigJam, or download them.

  • Miro/FigJam X Betafi - Supercharge your collaboration as you can export your notes from Betafi to Miro and FigJam so it is easy to review user feedback with your team.

  • Takeaways - You can compare your notes across different user conversations to identify the common pattern. Add such insights as a "Takeaway" and then add notes/clips to support as evidence. You can also share the takeaway with your team to get their thoughts.

  • Once the feedback call is over, Betafi provides the recording of the participant’s device and video. The recording is annotated with usability metrics, the transcript, your notes, and tags.

You can compare the following usability stats to quickly spot the flaws and improvement areas across sessions.

  • Time taken to complete a task

  • Number of clicks taken to complete a task

  • Participant wise comparison

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