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What are the different ways of using the immersive product feedback module?
What are the different ways of using the immersive product feedback module?
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Usability testing - For UI/UX Designers, UX Researchers

Simplify your desktop usability test process as you can now share your prototype without asking the participant to share their screen or installing any additional software/Chrome extension.

  • You can set up a usability test project and bring your Figma/Sketch/ProtoPie/Invision prototypes. In fact, you can use any prototyping platform. Just need to add the prototype's public link on Betafi.

  • You can add usability tasks to test different workflows of your prototype.

  • You can invite your team members to join as observers of the feedback call. They can take notes and tag usability issues without interacting with the participant.

  • During the call, when you share the prototype with the participant, it will instantly open at their end. You can also share tasks with them in one click.

  • Betafi keeps track of the number of clicks and time taken to complete the task.

Demo Calls - For Sales, Product Managers

Encourage users to personally experience the product, allowing them to feel more involved in the process and ultimately making your demos more interactive.

  • While creating the project bring in your live web app link.

  • During the session share the WebApp with a single click along with the task you want to demo with your participant.

  • You can take notes, tag customers' pain points, mark 'aha' moments, and then review them once the demo is over to iterate and improve your demo storyboard.

  • You can also tag teammates from other functions to share feedback relevant to their track.

Messaging Teardowns - For Brand Designers, Product Marketers

Invite customers to evaluate your latest positioning, messaging, website, and landing pages.

Betafi will make it easy for them to explore your website and share whether they understand what you are building, find the site easy to navigate, and understand the key differentiators. Also, take the opportunity to gather feedback on your competition's website to identify the areas of improvement.

  • Create a usability test project and bring in your website or your competitor's website. You can add multiple variants of your website to test different messaging.

  • During the session share the websites with a single click along with the associated task (For eg - What is the first impression of the home page, Looking at the H1, what do you think we do?)

  • You can take notes to capture users' feedback and can easily review them once the call is over. You can also compare your findings across multiple calls to identify if different users share the same problem/feedback for your website.

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