How does the Immersive Feedback module work
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Let's start by setting up a project.

  • Create a project, and select Usability Testing.

  • Enter the project name and add team members to the project.

  • Add the public link of Figma, Adobe XD, ProtoPie, InVision, Sketch, or any other prototype. You can also add your live website.

  • Add scenarios and usability tasks to give prompts to the participant during the call.

The next step is to schedule a feedback call.

  • Click on Create β†’ Session

  • You can start a session immediately or schedule it for later.

  • Enter all the details and choose Desktop as your prototype device.

Tip: Choose the "Language of communication" as this will help in generating the transcript effectively.

  • There are 3 modes in the Betafi experience: Moderator, Observer, and Participant.

    • Moderator Mode is for the person conducting the feedback call.

    • Share the team link with colleagues to join the session. Observers/Team members can watch the session, and take notes without interrupting the conversation.

    • Share the Participant link with the user. You can add the participant's email while setting up the session and an email is automatically sent with the meeting details.

Join the feedback call to kick-start the immersive experience for your user

  • During the call -> click on the 'Share' button beside your prototype or live website.

  • The prototype will instantly open inside the meeting window of the participant.

  • Share a task with the participant and observe them interact with your product.

  • You can also take timestamped notes and tag usability issues during the call.

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