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Learn more about linking Zoom with Betafi
Learn more about linking Zoom with Betafi
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What are the benefits?

Betafi upgrades your Zoom meeting so you can:

  • Take timestamped notes during the meeting to capture cool insights.

  • Instantly mark important moments of the call with a single click using pre-defined tags.

  • Once the meeting is over, review the recording annotated with notes, tags, and transcript in 30+ languages to dig out the 'Aha moments' of the call.

  • Export notes captured during the Zoom call to Miro or FigJam so you can quickly categorize observations into themes.

What information from your Zoom account will Betafi have access to?

  • View Information like Name, Email address, user Id, and other contact information for you and other attendees of the meeting

  • View your settings which may include configuration information. This may include access to Calendars associated with Zoom

  • Access to content information for a call like Audio, Video, Transcripts, Feedback, messages, response to polls, QnA, and files shared.

  • Access to Product usage which may include when someone joined/left the meeting, performance data, and other usage information.

  • Registration and Scheduling which may include scheduling Zoom Experiences or adding or deleting registrants

  • Participants which may include assigning to breakout rooms or interpreters for the session

  • Content and information which may include audio, video, messages, meeting or chat name, agenda, transcriptions, and responses to polls and Q&A

If you have any further questions, please reach out to [email protected].

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