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Learn more about linking Betafi with Miro
Learn more about linking Betafi with Miro
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What are the benefits?

You can easily bring over all your notes and clips from Betafi to Miro and quickly analyze and categorize observations into themes.

  • Auto-populate your Miro board by exporting timestamped notes from Betafi to Miro.

  • Say goodbye to manually adding tags as all the tags you added during the session are automatically included in the stickies.

  • Recall the story behind a note by watching the recording of the exact moment you took it.

  • Embed clips in the Miro board to easily rewatch key highlights of your sessions within Miro.

This is how your Miro Board will appear after exporting your notes from multiple sessions, with each session being assigned a different colored sticky.

Betafi also makes it easy for you to quickly categorize notes across multiple conversations with your team on Miro. You can first group notes by questions or tags on Betafi and then export them to Miro to get auto-grouped stickies.

What information from your Miro account will Betafi have access to?

Linking Betafi with your Miro account gives the following permissions to Betafi:

  • Read and Modify boards you have access to

  • Access to your profile information

  • Access to your current team title

If you have any further questions, please reach out to [email protected].

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