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How to add your own questions and tags
How to add your own questions and tags
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Move to the smarter way to take notes and stay structured during your Zoom meeting by adding questions and instant tags to your Betafi project.

Adding interview questions to Betafi

By adding questions to a project you can access them during your Zoom call and don’t have to go to another tool to look for them.

You can also take notes within each question to stay structured during the call and get a head start during the post-call analysis.

  1. You can add questions to a User Interview project. Create/Edit a project

  2. Add your interview questions manually or just copy-paste them with a single click. Click “Save & Exit”.

  3. Here’s a quick preview of how questions will be available during the Zoom call and how you can add notes within each question.

Adding instants tags to capture insights with 1-click

Instant tags help you to quickly bookmark important insights as they emerge during the call without taking detailed notes.

  1. Add/Edit a project

  2. In the Instant Tags section, either add tags manually or search for a tag that you may have used for another project

  3. Assign a color and Save it

You can add up to 6 instant tags for a project.

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