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Betafi and Zoom integration
How to use Betafi during the Zoom call
How to use Betafi during the Zoom call
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  1. During the Zoom call, click on “Apps” on your taskbar and Select “Betafi”.

  2. Select a Project where you want to save this meeting. For first-time users, don’t worry just dive straight in.

    By selecting the project, all the Interview Questions and Instant tags that you added to the project will be available during the Zoom meeting.

  3. Enter the attendee details and then kickstart your meeting.

Watch how to open the Betafi App during the Zoom call:

Once the Betafi App is opened, then you can:

  1. Click on “Start Recording with the Betafi bot” to record the meeting.

  2. Take timestamped notes to capture cool insights as they emerge.

  3. Bookmark ‘Aha’ moments of the call and then add context to these moments with Instant tags.

  4. Access your interview questions within the Zoom call and add notes for each question.

Watch how Betafi will transform your Zoom meeting:

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