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Betafi and Zoom integration
How to schedule a Zoom call after adding the Betafi App
How to schedule a Zoom call after adding the Betafi App
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Scheduling your Zoom call stays the same

Nothing needs to change in the way you schedule your Zoom meetings. After scheduling the call, share the meeting link with other attendees like you always do.

The only change is when the Zoom meeting starts → Open the Betafi App to record it, take timestamped notes, instantly tag important sections and post-call revisit the recording, transcript, and notes.

Here’s how to do it:

NOTE: If you use Calendly to schedule your Zoom meetings, again no change is required. Just open the Betafi App during the Zoom meeting to experience the magic.

You can also schedule your Zoom call using Betafi

Follow these steps to set up a Zoom meeting using Betafi

  1. Click “Create Session”

  2. Select the project where you want to record this meeting

  3. Enter the attendee details

  4. Select “Use Zoom” and Submit

  5. Share the Zoom meeting link with the attendees

When the meeting starts, open the Betafi App to easily record, take notes and review the call. Here’s how it works:

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