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How to use Betafi with Zoom
How to use Betafi with Zoom

Betafi Zoom Integration Guide

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Betafi currently integrates with Zoom Pro Accounts to take timestamped notes during user interviews with Cloud Recording enabled.

Here's a quick video overview of how the Betafi Zoom Integration works:

To get started from the Betafi dashboard, go to the Integration Settings page and Link with Zoom:

Once your Zoom account is linked to Betafi, you can conduct a Zoom meeting like you normally would. During the call, you can find Betafi in the Apps tab of the meeting:

From there, make sure to Start Cloud Recording so your timestamped notes are synced during the call.

After the meeting, the video, automatic transcript, and all of your notes will be available in your Betafi Dashboard at

Uploading Historic Zoom Cloud Recordings

If you want to upload a historic cloud recording to Betafi, you can do that too via the Session Upload dialog. Choose Zoom Upload to pick from your past Zoom Cloud recordings to sync with Betafi:

You can learn more about the Betafi Zoom integration from our website. Check out the FAQs section for more detailed information:

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