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Frequently asked Questions about Betafi Subscription Pricing Terms

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General Pricing Info:

You can find details about Betafi's latest standard pricing plans here:

If you are a larger enterprise, our team is happy to discuss custom enterprise pricing to better fit your organization's needs. Please reach out via the Intercom chat widget in the bottom right corner, or via our support form, and we will try to get back to you within 1 business day:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Active Contributor?

An Active Contributor is a user who is able to edit & create Sessions, Projects, Notes, and Clips in Betafi. If you have members of your team or clients who you would like to be able to view content but who do not require the ability to create Sessions, Projects, Notes, or Clips, then you can invite them to your Workspace in Betafi without getting billed for an active contributor seat.

What is a Session Hour?

A Session Hour is an hour of video session time, either in the form of a live session on Betafi, or a cloud recording uploaded/synced to Betafi. For example, if you expect to do 30 sessions per month, each averaging 30 minutes, then you would have used 15 session hours. Each session on Betafi comes with automated transcription, as well as the ability to create and share clips from your recordings.

Can I pause or cancel my Betafi subscription at any time?

Yes, you can self-serve pause, resume, or cancel your Betafi subscription at any time via the Billing Settings Page in your Betafi Dashboard.

How do you securely collect subscription payment information?

We use Stripe, a PCI-compliant payments infrastructure provider used by many prominent companies to facilitate secure, online transactions.

Which user gets billed for a Betafi Workspace?

The Workspace Owner gets billed for all activity in that workspace. If you are the owner of multiple workspaces, then your monthly or annual bill will be based on the combined usage across all of the workspaces you own.

Do unused Session Hours rollover at the end of the month or year?

Yes, unused Session Hours will rollover at the end of the month or year if not used in the prior month.

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