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The Post Session Experience on Betafi
The Post Session Experience on Betafi
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After the session, you can access your notes, automatic transcript, usability stats, and the video recording.

  • Transcript - All of the sessions on Betafi will be automatically transcribed.

  • Timestamped Notes - The notes taken during the session can be edited/deleted or added after the session is complete.

  • Clips - You can create snippets of the conversation to share the 'aha moments'. Clips can be shared as a public link, downloaded or embedded in Notion.

  • Usability Stats - For usability studies, you will get metrics for task completion, time taken and number of clicks during the session.

  • Export Notes to Miro or download as a CSV - The notes can be exported to Miro and CSV (Spreadsheet) for further synthesis if required.

  • Project Level Notes and Clips - All the notes and clips created within a single project can also be accessed at the Project Level. You can filter your Notes by Questions or Tags to find patterns.

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