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Usability Testing on Betafi
Mobile Usability Testing Experience on Betafi
Mobile Usability Testing Experience on Betafi
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Usability testing is recommended when you want to test your design prototypes or live website to gather usability feedback (like time taken to complete a task, number of clicks etc.) on your designs and workflow.

How do I start a Usability Test?

  • Create a Project, and select Usability Testing.

  • Enter the Project name and add team members to the project.

  • Add the public link of Figma or Adobe XD prototype or live website.

  • Add Scenarios and usability tasks to be done by the participant during the study.

How do I start a test session?

  • Click on Create β†’ Session

  • You can start a session immediately or schedule it for later.

  • Choose the project you want to make a session in.

  • Enter all the relevant details and choose whether you want the session on Mobile or Desktop.

    • For a Usability Test on Mobile, the participant has to download the Betafi App on the Android or iOS store. There is no login required.

    • For a Usability Test on Desktop, the participant has to download a Chrome Extension before the session.

What are the different links that are generated after I create a session?

  • There are 3 modes in the Betafi experience: Moderator, Observer and Participant.

  • Moderator Mode is for the person conducting the study. You can set a Moderator for a session.

  • Share the observer link with colleagues to join the session. Observers can watch the session, take notes without interrupting the session.

  • You can email the participant link with instructions from Betafi or Copy Paste the link.

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