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What is a workspace?

It is your research communion where you can manage various research initiatives. Access in Betafi is managed at the Workspace level. All members within a Workspace can access all the projects and sessions. You can add or remove team members under Workspace settings.

How do I create a new Workspace?

By default you are added to a personal Workspace. To create a new Workspace you can:

  • Click on the icon on the top left → A panel will pop up

  • Click on “add a Workspace

  • Enter Workspace Name, Upload an Icon, Choose Time zone, Enable Auto Join.

How do I invite colleagues and give permissions?

There are 2 different ways to invite colleagues to your workspace.

  • During Workspace Setup

    • Auto Join through company email

    • Manual invites during workspace creation

  • Inviting after the workspace is already setup

    • Click on the pane on the top left, chose Workspace settings and add members.

Tip: You can copy-paste a long list of emails from excel and paste them directly into the invite window.

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